the opener for one direction was really good idk if anyone else has heard of them but i hadn’t, they’re called micachu and the shapes and they were really cool. i heard people bitching about them ‘cause they were noisy and loud but my roommates and i thought they were pretty sick. it reminded me of post-punk revival stuff but with no bass, just a synth, and snarky female vox

also they wore matching shirts

Hey, yeah, I saw them in Portland. Lots of people seemed to be lukewarm on them because their sound wasn’t “full” but I was already into Micachu before the show and I was psyched to see them. They were super fun live. Micah’s guitar was sweet, too, it was all beat up. She had the best snarl, too. Micachu is the best, everyone listen to them.

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There’s a very real possibility that I’m more excited for Micachu tonight than I am for Animal Collective. But I am pretty damn stoked for Anny CoCo. These fucking songs, man, these songs are ridiculous.

My Girls by Animal Collective

I didn’t like this song at first, but days later I found myself idly singing this song and remembering the amazing music video.