i don’t wan t to do work anymore

or anything like that

ij ust want to listen to noise an
d play video games

i don’t even want to read anymore

i miss my friends an
d the smell of cigarettes

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Make your own dictionaries, but instead of writing definitions for each word, write meditations. Make records of meaning that operate not by the erection of boundaries but by a reflection on usage. Do not be afraid to give multiple entries to one word. At the same time, feel free to be content with simple entries. Find beauty in both the pregnant and the plain.

Imagine a world where everybody kept their own dictionaries. Sometimes people will show them to each other, compare meanings. They’ll often find they are simultaneously unique and alike.

Some will prefer their own meaning or their friend’s, depending on the word. Some words will cause more of a stir than others; “religion” or “science,” for example. 

Many words will have a singular and essential meaning, but never a singular meditation, because the only thing that can express the essence of the word is the word itself; all other expressions are merely indices that circle around an idea as well as help deepen our understanding of that idea. A word contains within itself endless potential for expression. That is why people will never tire of writing their dictionaries.

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you can trust shut your eyes / you can turn around / but there’s nowhere to hide / and there’s no way down

here’s a homesick country song by a couple of twentysomething americans who for some reason moved to argentina to live on a farm and then in buenos aires, set to images of them promoting their hot sauce brand at a public market

and now i’m all alone in this nightmare of a town / wishin with all my heart that you’d wake me up right now / friends i know you’ve warned me all before / i appreciate your concern / but oh for pete’s sake / i must make my own mistakes / before i really learn

the world is a large and inexplicable place

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