Texas Stands With Gaza



To be as blunt as I can be, then, with the blunt instrument that the word “yes” is: in precisely the ways that hate is love gone bad, yes, I do hate Israel. I also hate the United States and Texas, precisely because I live in them, and hope to continue doing so. I don’t want to kill anyone, or hurt anyone; I hate because I want to stop. Hate is what happens when love doesn’t keep its promises, when a consuming identification becomes disgust, and we vomit out that which has suddenly become foreign. Hate is anything but rational and reasoned: it is the body’s defense mechanism against that which the brain didn’t know enough to reject.

[W.E.B.] DuBois chose to be black, because it was the choice he could make. As long as there was Jim Crow, he was black. But what he understood, and made clear over the course of his long and productive life, is that there’s agency in choosing the choice that’s been made for you, or at the very least, there’s self-knowledge. To pretend that you can choose, when you can’t, is to live a lie. To choose the only choice that’s available to you, on the other hand—to let yourself be interpellated—is the only way to come to grips with the reality of the world you live in. It is precisely because we didn’t choose to be white, or black, or American, or Jewish, or Palestinian—or whatever the world might tell us that we are—that we have the ethical responsibility to come to grips with what others have chosen for us to be. If you are white, you don’t get to pretend that Jim Crow has nothing to do with you. If you are an American, you don’t get to look away from Gaza, or to pretend that Israel has nothing to do with you. You don’t get to sit on the fence. Your elected representatives have taken that choice away from you, when they decided to speak in your name, the one small injury in this whole catastrophe that you can legitimately claim. No one else cares whether you agree with that choice, unless and only if you contradict it. You can only choose to be white–if you are me–but to do so makes other things possible.

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an apocalypse is coming.
i say: bring it, but:
postpone it till tomorrow.
who will hold me if it comes today?

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i feel like a kid again, collecting places like achievements in a video game. you know? every spot i successfully navigate to opens up a wider space on my games map, expanding my abilities, propelling me to bigger and better levels. i’m so timid, still! this big city scares me! my map remains ever so small, but it will grow yet.

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i’m not a giver / i take hearts

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bought spicy shrimp crackers at chinatown

bought spicy shrimp crackers at chinatown

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ache and wither

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I might be well into another album already, jeez, won’t somebody rich and influential please give me a listen for cryin out loud

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by the way i am getting more money than i was previously told, and, i am going to a jazz club on friday, and, i made a good cup of coffee with some fresher grounds than i’ve had, and, i am keeping in touch with friends, and, we’re on an upswing again baby, slow but sure

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people don’t like a lot of the things that i like and that’s ok

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josh sends me videos sometimes and they are always good

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